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There is some confusion regarding Amber and Ambergris. Both give a warm and slightly sweet look, but amber today is a synthetic character and ambergris a byproduct of whales (it is worth noting that they are not harmed in this fascinating process). Amber is a gemstone that was petrified in the depths of the earth, but today the amber that appears in perfumes is a synthesized substance that comes from notes of lavender, benzoin, vanilla and sometimes also tonka. The use of the first "amber" as a perfume was introduced in its first appearance in the late 19th century. Amber has an animal quality and is warm and even slightly powdery, therefore, amber brings life to the perfumes in which it is found thanks to all its wonderful properties.

Fort & Manle Amber Absolutely

One of the scents associated with amber, almost pure amber. To add to the sweetness, rose scents envelop the amber and create a pleasant aroma, not too sweet as one might assume. You can also notice a sweet plum and fox grapes. Its fruits abound at the beginning of the fragrance and then calm down while emphasizing all its notes. When you relax, you can notice benzoin and a hint of Vetiber that appeal to the overall description of the aroma, all while the amber is present and blends in great with any character.

Laurent Mazzone Ambre Boheme

A great perfume by Laurent Mazzone for women and men alike who want to feel special , With the help of this woody fragrance. Muscat spice notes climb up the pyramid of notes, revealing freshness from the start. The middle notes contain, among other things, ciprofloxacin oil, which adds ornamental and citrus and to the elegant look of the perfume. The rich base notes contain warm notes of patchouli, ode, vanilla, musk and of course amber. All of these offer an irresistible perfume.

Roja Amber Oud

As befits a brand, the opening is a bombardment of scents that promise to leave an impression Positive of course, for anyone who will smell the fragrance of the perfume. The opening begins with the timeless combination of amber and oud that triumphantly over the character of the perfume. A certain sparkle emerges with the appearance of the eternal trio in the form of bergamot, lemon and lime, but dies with the appearance of the oud. The whole character of the fragrance is intense, but not forced, every character has been carefully designed and engineered and ingeniously restrained. After a while, before the scent disappears completely, noticeable rose scents mix subtly with the faded odor as well. As mentioned, it is a fragrance with a certain sweetness but also pungent and it is one of the most successful combinations that Roja Parfums have been able to perform effectively.

Fragrance Du Bois Velvet Amber

This perfume can be defined as a perfume with a fresh character combined with Woody notes and spices. It opens with a spicy citrus scent that comes from bergamot, geranium, lemon and cardamom and then subtly wounds down the middle notes in the form of rose, saffron, leather and cypress. The strong cypress character does not disappear so quickly, it lingers and is also attracted to the base notes and creates an envelope of active cooperation, synergy, which acts on the sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, musk, ode and of course on the amber. Unites them all and creates an amazing, flawless aroma that instead of emphasizing each character individually, the ciprofloor takes the uniqueness of each character and builds with them this wonderful base character.
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Laurent Mazzone Ambre Boheme 100ml E.D.P - Unisex Perfume Authentic

Ambre Boheme perfume Unisex perfume by Laurent Mazzone
₪ 1,500.00 ₪ 900.00

Fort & Manle Amber Absolutely - Unisex Perfume Authentic

Amber Absolutely perfume Unisex Perfume by Fort & Manle
₪ 1,050.00 ₪ 640.00

Fragrance Du Bois Velvet Amber 100ml Parfum - Unisex Perfume Authentic

Velvet Amber perfume Niche perfume by Fragrance Du Bois
₪ 1,300.00 ₪ 1,100.00

Roja Amber Aoud Parfum 100ml - Unisex Perfume Authentic

Amber Aoud perfume Roja unisex perfume
₪ 3,550.00 ₪ 2,770.00

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