What is "Loven Mour"?

 Loven Mour


Loven Mour- no, it's not my name. You think it sounds foreign ad exotic? No again. Let's go back to the sources…

In the days of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, the priests would burn incense- they just spread pleasant fragrances. This mixture of perfumes was made with Balm, Cloves, Myrrh, Frankincense and more. In Hebrew Myrrh is Mor and Frankincense is Levona (starting to sound familiar?)


Based on this, we sat and thought and came up with ideas to name the store relating to incense. Would you buy perfume from a store called Nail? (Cloves in Hebrew.) I don't think so.

After we thought up "Loven Mour" we realized our little word game has other meanings we hadn't thought of and they contribute to the message we want to send out.

Loven sounds like the Hebrew word for white (lavan) = pure, clean and genuine.

Oil of Myrrh in ancient times was used for healing and health, besides its pleasant aroma. And what gives you a better feeling than facial and body care? 

Not to mention that it sounds like:

Love and more 


What could be better than that?


Hope you enjoy!

Pleasant shopping!

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