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CHIC Body Butter - Vavilla Gardenia - Pink Senses

Fragrant body butter stimulates senses with fresh floral field fragrance which surrounds the body over time, for a luxurious feel.
₪ 136.00

Sharon's Shea Butter - Musk Illusion

250 ml. Body butter produced from a mixture of essential oils and aromatic natural shea butter.
₪ 205.00

Tulip Natural - Active Day Cream

Sunscreen Dat Cream - water based. Protects the skin from UV rays, with coefficients of UVA + UVB protection grade 18.
₪ 308.00 ₪ 250.00

Sharon's Integrated Package - Shea Butter + Roll-On P.Oil - Musk

Cream butter - 250 ml. Perfume oil roll-on - 10 ml
₪ 295.00

Sharon's Integrated Package - Shea Butter + Roll-On P.Oil - Musk Illusion

Cream butter - 250 ml. Perfume oil roll-on - 10 ml
₪ 272.00

Ein-Gedi Cosmetics - White Collection - Cleansing Cream 100 ml

Not Packed
₪ 54.00 ₪ 36.00

Ein Gedi Cosmetics - White Collection- Night Cream 50ml

This night cream has been especially formulated to nourish and moisturize the skin. fight wrinkles and skin imperfections.
₪ 110.00 ₪ 64.00

Ein-Gedi Cosmetics - Gold Collection - Mineral Night Cream 50ml

Deeper face Treatment for night time.
₪ 84.00 ₪ 60.00

Mogador - Nourishing Cream Normal to Dry

Mogador - Face Lotion 50 ml Normal to Dry skin. Rich moisturizer for firming face skin while maintaining natural moisture balance of the skin and protect against environmental damage. Quickly absorbed.
₪ 180.00

Ein Gedi Cosmetics - Face & Eye Care Creams

All creams on one page! Ein Gedi-Dead Sea, eye care creams, facial skin, day and night. The creams are rich in minerals from the Dead Sea, vitamins and nutrients for strengthening and skin care.
From ₪ 40.00

Alien Body Lotion by Thierry Mugler 200ml

תחליב גוף מבושם אליאן
₪ 300.00 ₪ 195.00

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