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Ein-Gedi Cosmetics - White Collection- Mineral Eye Cream 30ml

Dead Sea Cosmetics - New Oasis Eye Cream.
₪ 212.00 ₪ 100.00

Mogador - Nourishing Cream Normal to Dry

Mogador - Face Lotion 50 ml Normal to Dry skin. Rich moisturizer for firming face skin while maintaining natural moisture balance of the skin and protect against environmental damage. Quickly absorbed.
₪ 180.00 ₪ 80.00

Ein Gedi Cosmetics - White Collection- Night Cream 50ml

This night cream has been especially formulated to nourish and moisturize the skin. fight wrinkles and skin imperfections.
₪ 241.00 ₪ 125.00

Ein Gedi Cosmetics - Oasis Collection- Mineral Day Cream 50ml

Light day care moisturizing cream enriched with natural Dead Sea Minerals.
₪ 204.00 ₪ 100.00

Ein-Gedi Cosmetics - Oasis Collection- Mineral Night Cream 50ml

Restore vital moisture to your skin as you sleep.
₪ 224.00 ₪ 100.00

Ein-Gedi Cosmetics - Gold Collection - Mineral Night Cream 50ml

Deeper face Treatment for night time.
₪ 247.00 ₪ 154.00

Ein-Gedi Cosmetics - Gold Collection - Mineral Eye Cream 30ml

Special formula created especially for the delicate skin around the eyes.
₪ 248.00 ₪ 154.00

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