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The juniper fruits add enthusiasm and delicacy to fragrances in the sky. The juniper has a touch of cedar and bitterness, but is completely refreshing and strong, therefore, juniper is usually used in small doses. The fruits are harvested from a low shrub, similar to a tree after ripening for an average of 3 years when these spread their optimal aroma. Juniper is a herb that is used to relieve the pain of various infections in the body. It is inevitable to feel intoxicating relief and freshness when you smell the juniper in the perfume in which it is present.

Fragrance Du Bois Siberian Rose

with a wide and clear picture of the frozen and snowy Siberian spaces, perfume It consists of white flowers associated with the white Siberian lord. The perfume opens with fruity top notes consisting of cinnamon, juniper, pear and pink pepper. The floral journey now begins in the middle notes with ylang ylang, white rose and tuberose. A rich touch of skin evokes memories of the wild expanses of Siberia and creates an amazing natural atmosphere.

Memo Paris Ilha Do Mel

The name of the perfume that means: "Honey Island" is the perfect place Immerse your soul in delicious dreams. This honey, is so powerful that it is hard to resist the temptation and not let the smell carry you. A noble iris is assimilated into rich gardenia and a coveted orange blossom, of course, also a touch of jasmine and juniper to intensify the delicious sense of satisfaction. A base note with vanilla gives a ceramic and delightful feel but not too heavy to hide the sweet floral charm of the notes above it. It's time to go on a trip to the magical honey island and enjoy all this pleasure.

Floris London 1976

Aromatic and unisex fragrance of various woody notes. The perfume was developed with a citrusy and refined scent of bergamot and Sicilian lemon. Black pepper now appears, adding strength to the moderate and citrusy beginning of the top notes. Very delicate amber, patchouli and musk add to the warmth and dark edges of the perfume. After the citrus has set, a clear juniper advances to the front which together with the hotiber sets the limit of the perfume's ability to be flexible. At the base, Amber Patchouli and Musk wrap the juniper and vetiver that still exist without causing any character to lose its uniqueness.
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Ilha do Mel by MEMO Paris 75ml E.D.P - Unisex Perfume Authentic

MEMO Paris Ilha do Mel Luxury perfume
₪ 1,100.00 ₪ 800.00

Floris 1927 100ml E.D.P - Unisex Perfume Authentic

1927 perfume Unisex Floris perfume
₪ 560.00 ₪ 400.00

Floris 1976 100ml E.D.P - Unisex Perfume Authentic

1976 perfume Unisex Floris perfume
₪ 900.00 ₪ 500.00

Fragrance Du Bois Siberian Rose 100ml Parfum - Unisex Perfume Authentic

Siberian Rose perfume Niche perfume by Fragrance Du Bois
₪ 1,300.00 ₪ 1,000.00

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