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Mogador - Face Peeling Cream

Mogador - Face Peeling cream 50ml Gentle Grain cream. Effective deep cleaning of face skin. Removes dead cells and stimulates cell regeneration naturally. Looking healthy skin, uniform and full of vitality.
₪ 82.00 ₪ 74.00

Mogador - Face Serum

30 ml. Concentrated serum, designed specially for delaying the signs of aging, maintain skin's moisture balance. Nutritious, energizing and Firming the skin. Gives skin a healthy look fresh and young.
₪ 150.00 ₪ 99.00

Mogador - Nourishing Cream Normal to Dry

Mogador - Face Lotion 50 ml Normal to Dry skin. Rich moisturizer for firming face skin while maintaining natural moisture balance of the skin and protect against environmental damage. Quickly absorbed.
₪ 80.00 ₪ 180.00

Mogador - Day Moisture Cream Normal to Oily

Mogador - Face Lotion 50 ml Normal to Oily skin. A light cream, specially formulated to balance the moisture level in the skin. Easily absorbed. Provides a matte appearance and healthy skin.
₪ 76.00 ₪ 66.00

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