Lilt of the Valley Fragrances

Luxury perfume - Llily of the valley

Usually, the lily of the valley can be found in base notes in various perfumes. The rose is well absorbed in woody notes such as sandalwood, patchouli and tiber, etc., as well as in spicy green notes such as various green leaves and grass. Well, why is this character, such a diamond, used by some of the best perfume pharmacists in the world? The lily of the valley is common in North American and North Asian culture, but has grown as a wild plant throughout England. The flower likes shade, where it cultivates itself and can effectively grow its small white flowers, which spread a sweet scent. The best pharmacists use the rose so that we can enjoy it in perfumes in early spring or late summer, mainly due to the fact that this fragrant fragrance is flattering to many. The lily of the valley has the power to leverage the feeling of early spring in a wonderful and distinct way. There is no doubt that this is a feminine character that carries a classic character without being out of fashion. The combinations that the rose creates with woody and green notes are emphasized with sweetness without fattening the scent with excessive sweetness. The rose evokes the pleasure of a normal and pleasant day, just like those first days of spring. Nothing is forced, everything finally connects in perfect harmony.

Byredo Inflorescence

Early spring celebration with flower blooms. A floral fragrance that captures the strength and delicacy of the wildflowers that make it up, as they culminate in inexplicable beauty. Starts with rose petals and freesia. Continues with the lily of the valley and magnolia. Ends with a fresh jasmine that seals the pyramid. Excellent spring-autumn fragrance; Fresh, fun and embracing. Like going out early in the morning, to a huge blooming field, with sun rising beyond the horizon, the birds singing their tune and all that is left is to give a deep breath that breathes life into the soul.

Widian lily

The Lily perfume is part of a series of three refined perfumes styled to Seize the beauty of Download. All three are proven to have a scent that stays on for a long time, and it is definitely easy to wear them for those looking for a unique perfume that combines tradition with talent that has been invested and deepened to its modern face. The perfume opens with citrus fruits and pink pepper that give an opening to the florals of the rose, Hilang Ylang and jasmine. Pleasant amber is felt with the fading of the perfume, along with vanilla, musk and patchouli.

Confessions of a Garden Gnome

The perfume opens with a pleasant spring breeze of the yuzu flower that tends to connect With bergamot and musk. Summer warmth erupts with the tropics of mango and the floral valley rose with a pleasant green hue in an autumnal atmosphere, along with a rose. Salted cedar and ambergris give a certain airiness. Eventually, woody notes lead to the coolness of winter and close a circle of fragrance appropriate for all seasons.
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ביירדו אינפלורסנס - Byredo Inflorescense 100ml E.D.P - בושם לאישה מקורי

בושם Inflorescense בושם נישה של Byredo
₪ 780.00 ₪ 740.00

ביירדו אינפלורסנס - Byredo Inflorescense 50ml E.D.P - בושם לאישה מקורי

בושם Inflorescense בושם נישה של Byredo
₪ 610.00 ₪ 500.00

Widian Rose Arabia Lily 100ml E.D.P - Unisex Perfume Authentic

Rose Arabia Lily perfume Unisex perfume by Widian
₪ 680.00 ₪ 600.00

פורט ומנלה קונפשנס אוף אה גרדן נום - Fort & Manle Confessions Of A Garden Gnome - בושם יוניסקס מקורי

בושם Confessions Of A Garden Gnome בושם נישה של Fort & Manle ניחוח שמזכיר כניסה לגן פורח וקסום שמושך את המריח אותו פנימה ומאוד מהנה להתבשם איתו.
₪ 1,050.00 ₪ 640.00

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