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Download releases the captivating and familiar fragrance when it is ready to pollinate, so, usually early in the morning in early summer, the flower harvesters release the scent stored for so long inside the flower. The aroma is released into the open air in a delightful and dreamy atmosphere. The prevailing opinion is that throughout history download has been one of the major fragrances that women have used on themselves, on clothing and even in anti-aging treatments. Download in perfumes can have a sweet, floral character or even just a pure and unexplained scent of roses. Need to smell to understand. Every perfumer in the sky sees Board as having a certain role in his wonderful story called: Perfume.

Widian Hili

The perfume Hili opens its doors to the general public who want to feel A burst of emotions and strong that simulates life, a sharpness that simulates passion and confusion like supreme happiness. In the opening, rich bergamot and cinnamon come powerfully along with pink flower notes. Delicate fruity fragrance not long in coming in the form of jasmine willang ylang and tiara flower. It is impossible to stop in the middle of such a magical journey, it is simply impossible to resist the temptation of a sequel .. with a coconut that gives a tropical feeling, vanilla and amber arrive and shine with a smile. The atmosphere creates a distraction to everything around and unrelated to perfume, with patchouli, tobacco and sandalwood floating like a timeless trio and sealing the base notes. While Hili does not have a central character of roses, the combination of all the ingredients we mentioned miraculously creates a pure rose scent.

Fort & Manle Harem Rose

The perfume begins on a thin and delicate substrate of musk that opens the way To the exoticism of the fragrance with sweet animal notes of amber and benzoin, while questioning themselves carefully preparing to arouse the continuation of the notes in the pyramid. The combination of the scents of rich vanilla rose from Damascus intoxicates increases the passion for anyone who smells and notices the effect of each and every character. Next, Kashmir invites interest in the development of the end of the pyramid. A feeling of warmth is obtained by different woody notes and green notes like vetiver adding oil to the fire of the aroma of scents.

Andy Tauer Phi - Une Rose De Kandahar

This is another one of the prestigious perfumes of the Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer . This perfume is extracted from an extract of roses that grow in Afghanistan in Nangarhar province. This rose oil is extremely rare and of sublime quality. The very fact that creating this perfume requires a lot of effort with the rarity of these roses, this perfume is coveted in many places and snatched up before it is too late. The perfume starts with various fruity notes that blend with the cinnamon and get an interesting twist in the encounter with the bitter almond, but bergamot comes quickly to balance the sides. Next, rose petals succumb to a background of black tobacco. Finally, leather and tobacco form a generous base for patchouli that seals the bottom notes of this piece.

Perris Monte Carlo Rose De Taif

Like a precious gem, Rose De Taif invites and stimulates with the help Harmony of floral and sweet notes and some stronger notes like lemon and geranium that revive the fragrance. The uniqueness of this wonderful combination mesmerizes your senses and those around you. One of the pure rose fragrances there is. Rose lovers? - You must try Rose De Taif.
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Andy Tauer Phi Une Rose De Kandahar 50ml E.D.P - Unisex Perfume Authentic

Phi Une Rose De Kandahar perfume Unisex perfume by Andy Tauer
₪ 780.00 ₪ 700.00

Widian Hili 50ml Parfum - Unisex Perfume Authentic

Hili perfume Unisex perfume by Widian
₪ 1,000.00 ₪ 800.00

Fort & Manle Harem Rose - Unisex Perfume Authentic

Harem Rose perfume Unisex perfume by Fort & Manle
₪ 1,050.00 ₪ 640.00

Perris Monte Carlo Rose De Taif 100ml E.D.P - Unisex Perfume Authentic

Rose De Taif perfume Perfume By Perris Monte Carlo
₪ 1,050.00 ₪ 550.00

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