Chanel Chance 100ml EDP - Women's Perfume Authentic

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By Chanel

בושם שאנל צ'אנס


Chanel Chance 

  • Chanel Chance is the perfume that suits the spring and summer days, and special occasions. Perfume with a strong presence on the skin over time,
    The smell of fairies
  • Chance to have a floral, light-hearted scent, but only at first glance, after which the fantastic fairy world disappears and comes a dark and sensual feeling.
  • A few moments after it is applied to the skin, its warm, sweet scent is revealed.
  • Chanel Chance's round bottle shape is unique to Chanel perfumes. Which were always issued in square or rectangular bottles. The shape symbolizes infinity, and the perfume's ability to sweep into a wild and fantastic world.
    Chanel Chance - in different versions
  • Chanel Chance perfume was launched in 2005, and since then several versions have been released. The nose behind this perfume, is Jaco Poleg.




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