Lorenzo Villoresi Teint De Neige EDT 100ml - Women's Perfume Authentic

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בושם בניחוח טלק
לבושם יש ריח טלק


Teint De Neige

The favorite perfume Teint de Neige, which means the color of the snow, was first launched in 2000 by Italian perfumer Lorenzo Villarossi. It is a powdery scent of perfume, which consists of the upper notes of jasmine, rose and willow ylang, where in its heart can be found tonka, jasmine and roses that combine with sweet and fruity powder, the base notes of the heliotrope and musk ingredients.

It's hard to make a mistake in Teint de Neige because of the fragrant, powdery powder. It is a soft, gentle, enveloping perfume, yet intense and lasting. It has a gently permeating aroma due to its richness and consisting of the natural extracts of precious flowers. And it remains on the body over time with a rather noticeable presence.

Most users who have loved it since then tend to use it in the hot summer days. This perfume is responsible for the perfume Lorenzo Villorsi, who is the newest perfume generation recently developed in Italy. Members of this generation are founding their own perfume company and are also making their own perfumes themselves, while learning about new scents. Indeed, his first voyage was made by Wilrosy to the Middle East. He said this journey had become an important turning point in his life. Because through him his love and passion for spices were expressed.

In the Middle East, he deepened his acquaintance with them and it made him successful and incorporate fragrances that fascinated him. After the journey he began designing exciting fragrances.


  • The perfume is for women and has a slightly powdery but mostly floral scent.
  • The smells of his flowers combine the scent of roses and jasmine into them.
  • It smells sweet and is suitable for cool winter days because it has a heavy presence that stays on the body for a long time.




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