Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecule 100ml EDT - Unisex Perfume Authentic

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מחיר ל 100מ"ל: 600.00 ₪

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This perfume bottle has an uncapped squirter in box - as a standard.


Molecule 01

  • Molecule Perfume came on the market in 2006.
  • Created in Asentric Molecules Company based in England.
  • The revolutionary concept of perfume is based on a fragrance made up of one molecule, namely, one ingredient with a clean and pure line rather than being like the standard perfumes, some of which are made up of hundreds of ingredients.
  • Add to this perfume a compound designed to emphasize the unique aroma of the molecule.
  • The special scent of Molecule 01 perfume allows it to be associated with unisex perfumes.
  • Unisex perfumes are for men and women and the fragrance of the perfume smells good on everyone.
  • Please note - for the newest users: The perfume always comes with a non-corked Spritzer.

This perfume has revolutionized the field of perfume. So instead of creating a fragrance that will include between one hundred and five hundred components, the fragrance, Giza Sean, creates its fragrance from one central component.

The result is a perfume that suits users and connects to their body odor. Instead of a heavy odor, a pleasant scent is obtained here, which is kind to anyone who has difficulty with the heavy odors.
Perfume Molecule 01, the first perfume in the series consists of tree fragrances and musk.

The combination of these two ensures that the perfume will give up the body for a very long time.

It is especially suitable for summer and spring, very good for the warm Israeli weather, and in fact it can be used comfortably throughout the year.





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