Not A Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun 100ml EDP - Women's Perfume Authentic

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This is a perfume whose name is actually defined as not perfume but fragrance.

It actually consists of amberx, a kind of amber, which is one of the most prominent symbols in the sky.

The perfume was launched in 2010. Juliet Haasgan (Juliette has a gun) is a provocative statement that does not follow the modern perfume laws.

This fragrance is suitable for springtime hours and gives soft aromas to its surroundings.

This perfume was issued by Nina Ricci's great-grandson, whose name is signed by a considerable amount of perfumes in the past. Apart from the fact that Romano Richie is among the brand owners, it is actually a perfume that does not want to be, and is called Nat a Parfium.
Yes Julia The heroine of Shakespeare's play is the source of Juliette's inspiration. This is a molecular perfume made up of one molecule, the ambroxene. The chemical compound of the perfume produces a gentle and pleasant scent, which is still felt by the environment of the person who is perfumed.
One criticism of him is that it is hard to get it anywhere, you might find Juliette perfume in Duty Free, try it.





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