Molecule 02 by Escentric Molecules 100ml EDT - Unisex Perfume Authentic

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Molecule 02


Molecule 02

  • This is the second part of the synthetic perfumes developed by Ascenteric, the most prominent of which are the gray amber and amberoxen.
  • Other components carry the same synthetic components of the molecule 01.
  • The resulting fragrance is light but gives a glowing presence and a warm finish.
  • Therefore it is suitable for the warm summer hours of summer. Despite his mild presence, he remained for a long time on the body.

Perfumes composed of one molecule are rare. Such is the perfume of molecule 02.

The advantage of these perfumes is that the only molecule of which they are composed blends well with the smell of the body of the person who puts the perfume on his skin.

When it comes to Perfume Molecule 02, its prominent notes are that of gray amber and ambroxene.

The fragrance conveys a light aroma with a glowing presence.

The combination of these two together makes this perfume suitable for the warm lunch hours of the summer season.

This single molecule allows one's perfume on the one hand to transmit a moderate presence to those who flaunt it, but it is still noticeable and present to the others, and does so for quite some time.





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