Montale Roses Musk 100ml EDP - Women's Perfume Authentic

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By Montale

The familiar perfume in a new design!


Perfume based on the smell of roses, jasmine and musk. Making it a floral and woody fragrance suitable for women.

Pierre Montel's perfume was launched in 2009.

It is especially suitable for spending the evenings of winter and autumn. It smells very fond of those who use it.

And its scent lingers on for a long time, its fragrance, the smell of roses in it having a dominant presence, a little heavy.


Roses Musk

When Pierre Montale, the creator of Montale Roses Musk perfume, arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he became an expert on the special ingredients that make up the fragrances of the Eastern world. Materials such as roses, amber, cedar and incense formed the basis of this specialization and served as a significant inspiration for the production of Montale perfumes.

Montale Roses Musk perfume is a fragrance based on the scent of flowers such as roses, jasmine and musk. And it blends in with the smell of trees. The fragrance is for women and was launched by Pierre Montale in 2009. It is usually recommended to use it for a special evening time during the winter and fall periods.

Women who are ashamed of it find that its fragrance stays on their skin over time, and its presence is particularly dominant.This perfume, like Montale's other perfumes, comes in a special packaging, an aluminum bottle that has become the hallmark of the brand.

The use of this packaging is intended to keep the perfume and its extracts from light damage. For Montale Roses Musk, the light pink color was chosen. Symbolizing the fact that the dominant scent in it is the smell of roses.





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